Our Process

Our Process for assisting physicians with financial planning


Initial Consultation

You worked hard to get to where you are.  We now want to put that same effort into getting to know you.  We will take the time in this first meeting to learn more about who you are and what you are wanting to accomplish.


Analyze your situation
We spend time going through your current financial position.  We look at your assets, tax returns, debts, insurance, and group benefits to fully analyze where you are today. Every client is unique and different.  So we do not look at all physicians the same way.  We learn here what makes your situation unique and how we can be helping you.


Make a financial diagnosis
We combine what we have learned about your finances from our analysis with what you shared with us about your goals in our first meeting.  From there we can identify if you are on track or if your plan needs some tweaking or a complete overhaul.


Discuss diagnosis and potential solutions
At this meeting we will sit down with you and lay out what we have discovered from our analysis.  We will share with you what your options are, and lay out the pros and cons of various paths forward.  Ultimately we will make our formal recommendation on how to move forward.


Implement solutions
After you are comfortable with the plan we will begin to move forward with implementation.  We will often coordinate with our physician’s CPA to make sure we are being as tax efficient as possible.


Ongoing follow up
We will get together at a minimum of every six months to review your financial health.  We will provide timely updates on your financial situation, and also continue to monitor that you are on track to meet your goals.


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