Triad Financial Group, LLC, provides employer retirement plan consulting services to our clients. We strongly believe that a successful employer-sponsored plan is one that focuses on enhancing the retirement incomes of its employees. We also recognize that, as fiduciaries, employers are often left with the burden of creating this experience for their participants—but they often do not have the appropriate resources and guidance they need.

As retirement plan consultants, we deliver process-driven solutions that help protect fiduciaries from corporate and personal financial liability while providing superior investment education and guidance to employees.

Investment Selection and Ongoing Monitoring
Triad Financial Group, LLC, performs a comprehensive analysis of the available investments in a plan. From this list of available investments, we produce an analysis report that we use to help create an initial investment lineup. We then use this analysis and reporting on an ongoing basis to ensure that the selected investments remain suitable for the plan.

Having a sound decision-making methodology and documentation process is an essential component to minimizing liability for fiduciaries who are making investment decisions for employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Employee Education and Communication
Triad Financial Group, LLC, is in a unique position to have a significant, positive impact on the lives of our clients and retirement plan participants. Whether we are providing a complimentary personalized retirement analysis, hosting group educational meeting, or meeting one-on-one with participants, our suite of employee services helps provide participants with the direction they need to pursue a successful retirement.

Fiduciary Consulting
As the responsible party of an employer-sponsored retirement plan, you are financially liable at both the corporate and personal level if you fail to meet your fiduciary duties, as defined by ERISA. In an effort to minimize potential risks, Triad Financial Group, LLC, provides services that identify and address your responsibilities as a plan fiduciary. 

Vendor Selection and Benchmarking
As consultants, it is important that we understand your needs as an employer, so we can determine if your retirement plan is a good fit for your firm. Triad Financial Group, LLC, will research the market and benchmark your existing plan against options from other vendors to ensure that your plan remains competitive from a cost, service, and investment perspective. We believe this should be done every three years, at a minimum.

When change is necessary, we will assist you with the process, providing a comparison report of competing vendors and, ultimately, helping you select a new vendor.

Plan Design
The regulatory landscape of 401(k)s and other employer-sponsored retirement plans is constantly changing. New legislation has brought a variety of enhancements to retirement plans that are aimed at creating a better experience for plan participants. With these changes, however, comes increased scrutiny from the regulatory bodies—including the Department of Labor—to ensure you are staying current and conforming to the new rules.

We will work with you to design a plan that meets your needs while providing excellent benefits to your employees.