Member Services

Services we provide specially for SLMMS members

  • Investment management fees specifically negotiated for SLMMS members
    • 0.50% annual fee for accounts over $100,000
    • 0.75% annual fee for accounts under $100,000
  • Access to a low cost 401(k) plan with minimal administrative work
    • Receive all of the plan benefits of a large company regardless of the size of your practice
    • Let someone else handle the administrative work
    • Get access to low cost index funds and quality low cost institutional funds
    • Greatly reduce your fiduciary responsibility through a Multiple Employer Plan
  • Discounted disability insurance
    • Receive a 20% or greater group discount on individual disability insurance through Principal
    • Receive unisex rates which are lower cost than male or female rates
  • House calls are available
    • We know you are busy so we can come and meet you right at your office
  • No cost, no obligation second opinions are available
    • If you just want a second opinion on what you are currently doing, we will provide that for you at no cost because you are a member of SLMMS
  • No cost student loan debt counseling
    • We will sit down with you and go through your student loans and help you come up with a strategy for paying these off
    • We are not a debt consolidation company and offer no loans, we are happy though to help you gain an understanding as to what your options are
  • Access to physician specific mortgage programs with as little as 0% down
    • Through our relationship with multiple banks we have access to these programs
    • These benefits are available for those just finishing up their residency or who are further along in their careers
  • Life insurance brokerage department
    • Representing over 25 highly rated insurance companies to be sure you get the best product at the lowest cost

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