This program is put together with the resources of 4 top quality firms:

1. Mass Mutual - Record Keeper

  • Mass Mutual will be the face of the plan for all participants.  It will be their technology, website, and app that participants will interface with.

2. Envestnet Retirement Services (ERS) - Investment Fiduciary Services

  • Envestnet provides ongoing investment monitoring, and through their 3(38) services they offer fiduciary protection
  • Sets the fund lineup which is a combination of actively managed funds and index funds.  The initial lineup will include funds from Vanguard, American Funds, DFA, Baird Capital, and Blackrock.  The average expense ratio is less than 0.18%
  • Offers institutional investment research and will provide quarterly reports detailing the performance of the current fund lineup.  If necessary they will handle fund changes.

3. Roland Criss - 3(16)

  • Fulfills the 3(16) requirement under ERISA by enabling employers to:
    • Demonstrate and quantify the unique value of all of their service provider relationships for compliance monitoring purposes
    • Slash their fiduciary risk
    • Enjoy peace of mind that their plan and service providers are explicitly conforming to federal pension mandates
    • Discharge the burden of ERISA fiduciary governance to a firm that specializes in that role
    • Reduce unnecessary work while improving productivity in the areas where each service provider can best add value
      • They do this through monitoring governance, administrations, investments, and controls.

4. Benefits Plans Plus - Third Party Administrator

  • BPP will assist the employer with plan design
    • This allows every plan to be customized to the desire of each medical practice
  • Responsible for all of the administrative tasks, including but not limited to:
    • Request and gather all census data from employers
    • Calculate and allocate contributions at all levels
    • Perform annual testing