Thoughts on Pricing

  • The MEP offers discounts on pricing both as individual plans grow, and as the overall MEP grows
    • Mass Mutual is offering a discounted fee for the first 12 months so that the first plans to sign on are not subjected to higher costs while the program grows
    • As the MEP hits breakpoints at $10mm, $20mm, $35mm, $50mm, and $75mm Mass Mutual offers breakpoints
    • Every $10 mm of new assets into the plan leads to a breakpoint from Roland Criss
    • As individual plan assets hit $1mm, $2mm, $4mm, $7.5mm, $10mm, and $25mm they receive a breakpoint in the advisor fees
    • As the overall number of plans in the program exceeds 7 every plan will see a reduction in their administration charges from BPP
  • By doing this the very first plans in regardless of their size should save compared to where they are today, and then over the years the costs should continue to go down as plans and the MEP grow.