What are the unique benefits of a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP)?

1. MEPs offer economies of scale

  • By collectively participating, employers are able to leverage their combined purchasing power to access institutional quality features in a more cost-effective manner than single employer plans can access on their own.

2. MEPs delivery Fiduciary Relief and professional oversight

  • MEPs offer the ability to outsource fiduciary responsibility and provide an elevated level of governance and attention to detail
    • This type of governance and oversight are normally difficult to obtain without costly assistance if you have a stand-alone plan.
  • By participating in a MEP, you transfer virtually all fiduciary responsibility for the management of your retirement plan.
    • Your name literally comes off the legal documents as Named Fiduciary, Trustee, and Plan administrator.
    • This eliminates the primary fiduciary responsibilities that come with sponsoring a retirement program.

3. MEPs streamline plan administration

  • Under a MEP, administrative responsibilities for ERISA 3(16) administrative duties are outsourced
    • This shifts the burden from plan administrative responsibilities to someone else.
  • MEPs streamline plan operations
    • That means less time spent managing your retirement plan, and more time focusing on your practice.

4. MEPs offer professional investment management

  • Investment management is outsourced through a 3(38) relationship to a professional firm who chooses and monitors plan investments in accordance with a written investment policy statement.
  • The pooling of plan assets affords access to low cost, institutional-quality investment fund share classes, along with professional investment oversight.